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Atlantic Americas is a full service firm focused on (1) syndicating capital from public and private-sector investors to fund infrastructural development projects and growth businesses in Africa and (2) top-grade engineering and IT services. We aspire to be the leading trusted partners to our African clients, which include governments, corporations, and public authorities.

Atlantic Americas commits people and ideas to help our clients and partners in many ways:
- We advise investors and companies investing and doing businesses in Africa
- We syndicate capital for public and private-sector projects in Africa, raising capital and helping countries grow
- We develop models that drive new perspectives and engineer new paths for African developments
- We design and execute top engineering and ICT projects
- We offer multi-sector advisory services in key economic sectors

Our clients invest across industrial sectors - energy, power, oil & gas, education, hospitality, agriculture, finance, transportation, construction, and more. Together, our investing clients control more than US$10 billion designated for investment in African economies in the next few years.

We are Africa infrastructure and business enablers. If you are an authorized government official or business-leader looking for capital, contact us today.


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